Review of The Bingo Boutique Casino

The Bingo Boutique is a stylish small site modeled like a fashion boutique. If the site’s name did not convey that message, the logo, which depicts a coat hanger, should have. From an aesthetic standpoint, The Bingo Boutique is a lovely small site, with complimentary colors and a simple, efficient design. It isn’t beautiful, but it gets the job done. The primary issue with this site’s homepage, and indeed with other sites run by this corporation, is its obnoxious spinning bonus wheel. We understand: when you make a deposit, you can spin the wheel and earn some bonus cash.

That is admirable, but there is no need to demonstrate this with an extra wheel whizzing about at 90 mph, distracting and detracting from everything else. The worst part is when the infernal wheel comes to a halt and a cheap and tacky pop-up message appears that says “You might have won £2500!!”. To begin, please cool it down with the double exclamation marks, and then show evidence that anybody has ever won £2,500 by spinning the bonus wheel. It may have happened at some time, but as Wikipedia states, citation is required.

The Bingo Boutique’s Background

Jumpman Gaming Limited, one of the UK’s laziest and most derivative large gaming operators, created The Bingo Boutique. The majority of their websites are hideous, and those that do look somewhat better continue to provide the same stale games and promos. Nonetheless, they must be profitable at this type of thing or they would not be here, churning out more of the same sites and luring new participants. While the Bingo Boutique is not the finest bingo site on the web, it does look the part, or at least attractive enough to tempt gamers to join.

Jumpman Gaming is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, and the majority of the site’s target market will be British-based gamers. However, the exact number of players that join up remains unknown. Take a peek at The Bingo Boutique’s Facebook page and it’s easy to infer that nothing is going on. Jumpman Gaming has a history of creating social media profiles and then abandoning them before they can get traction, which is precisely what they’ve done here. Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since February 2017, and it’s not for want of activity. You can bet that it will never be updated again.

Banking Boutique

One of the most amusing aspects of Jumpman Gaming websites is their utter rejection of payment methods other than credit card. It’s almost as if they’re not interested in your business. It’s almost as if you should refuse to give it to them, opting instead for a site that accepts a variety of deposit methods, including PayPal, eWallet, and bank transfer. Given that bingo is predominantly a female-oriented game, the great majority of players will be acquainted with more traditional payment methods – that’s right, credit and debit cards – The Bingo Boutique should satisfy the bulk of these players.

Visa, Maestro, Solo, Switch, and MasterCard are all accepted. Simply avoid inquiring about the time required for cash to clear back onto your card. Acceptable, acceptable: it takes two weeks. How about two weeks? Indeed, rather severely. The amount stated is 7-14 days, which is utter nonsense. You might apply for a credit card within that time period and have it sent to you. During that time period, you could launch your own bingo website. You could walk around the globe backwards and still have time for a weekend getaway with your friends.

Bonus Wheel Spin Deposit £10 into your The Bingo Boutique account and you’ll get an additional £20 to play with. Simultaneously, you’ll get to spin the bonus wheel. You know what I’m talking about; the awful wheel that refuses to stop spinning on the site. You may theoretically win up to £2,500 from a single spin. In actuality, the minimum £10 is more likely to be received. Other deals may be found on the site, but don’t hold your breath — there isn’t much to be excited about here. There is, for example, a monthly campaign centered on slots, with some kind of incentive provided to check out the highlighted game. As an illustration of how out of date this site already is and how much more out of date it is projected to grow, its promotions page is hyping an easter promotion, despite the fact that easter has passed.

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