Most Popular Gambling and Casino Games in China and Asia

Asia accounts for the largest proportion of the world’s population (a staggering 60%!) and is also the largest gambling community. Asia continues to develop from left to right in the online game world, quickly replacing the old in new ways, but they also unswervingly maintain the traditional way of gaming, mainly the classic games of the past few centuries in Asians… many Modern casino games originated from games in ancient East Asia, or were influenced by Asia in some way. As we all know, Asians celebrate their traditions, so it’s not surprising that they managed to keep the traditional Asian Games alive and even make cool changes to it. These are the most popular Chinese casino games and Asian gambling games today: Mahjong Sic Bo Keno Pai Gow (and Pai Gow Poker) Fan-Tan Chinese Poker Niu Niu Yee Hah Hello Tien Gow Dou Dizhu Pachinko Baccarat (and Dragon Tiger) What is Mahjong? How to play it? Mahjong is a traditional Asian board game that is still played in traditional casinos and is somewhat popular outside the Asian continent. It is played between four players and has 136 chips and dice. Roll the dice to decide who will become the dealer, and then the game starts from there. As one of the most famous ancient games of chance in Asia, Mahjong is a strategic game with outstanding focus. To this day, gambling is still an important part of Asian culture. How to play Mahjong The goal of the game is to build a wall. Before allocating chips, players place bets; players can place new bets after each round. Then the 136 chips are turned face down, and each player receives 13 chips from the dealer (determined by rolling the dice). Players then place their cards face up and match them into three or four sets of dominoes. In each round, the player can select an additional tile from the table; if the selected card adds 14 winning hands, to win the game, the player must declare “Mahjong”. If the chips do not get a winning combination, the player must discard one of the chips face up in the middle of the table and wait for the next round. Players can use the cards shown by their opponents to complete their own decks. The winner is the first player to announce “Mahjong”. Sic Bo What is Sic Bo and how is it played? Sic Bo is one of the true veterans of Chinese gambling. As the name suggests, it is a dazzling game of pure luck (Sic Bo translates as “precious dice”). As an important part of the Chinese identity, Sic Bo has existed for thousands of years and has established itself in Asian casinos across the African continent. Interestingly, Sic Bo has also affected Western and international players because it can be found in casinos in Nevada and many online casinos around the world. How to play Sic Bo Sic Bo is a traditional Asian game played with three dice. It has two main aspects of the game: craps and betting, both of which are played on the Sic Bo table (similar to the roulette table). The winning result is defined by the sum of the three values ​​produced by the three dice; even so, the final result will be affected by the betting. Sic Bo allows each player to place a maximum of 50 different bets, and can choose to place bets on various combinations of two dice or the sum of all three dice. The method of placing a bet is to place the chips on a designated part of the table and wait for the dice to be thrown. The only factor in Sic Bo is the luck of rolling the dice, which can alleviate any strategic pressure on him. Since this is one of the most popular casino games in Asia, a live dealer version is available online. Keno What is Keno? How does it play? Another stimulus to เกมหมู gambling in ancient China, Keno is an extremely important part of Chinese history. Legend has it that Keno games emerged during the war and people needed to raise funds. What’s more interesting is the story of the Great Wall of China built through Keno. From a modern perspective, keno looks like lottery and bingo. A single round of Keno game takes 10-15 minutes. How to play Keno As one of the most popular gambling games in China, Keno is played with a ticket or a card containing numbers from 1 to 80. bet. The key is to let players choose their numbers and try their luck. There are three betting options:

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