All-Time Favourites: 15 Most Famous Slot Machines and Most Popular Slot Games

Since there are many popular slot games that stand out from other games because of the way they work, and because of their famous jackpots in history, we decided to choose 15 famous slot machines. It started in the late 19th century, and some of the most popular slot machines were created not too long ago. Although there are many types of slot machines, only a few have proven to be very popular and widespread. We are about to announce some of the most popular casino slot machines, so if you decide to bet with the maximum bet in your next game session, we recommend that you check the game’s paytable to be sure. You must know the value of each symbol, the characteristics of the game, and the number of paylines that are activated or simply selected according to your game preferences. Ready to find more? In this way! Liberty Bell 1. Liberty Bell The Liberty Bell was invented and designed by San Francisco mechanic Charles Fey in 1895. It was the first slot machine. The main symbols here include horseshoes, stars, swords, diamonds, hearts and liberty bells. Once the three bells are in a row, the machine pays 50 cents. There is a coin slot at the top, a small reel in the middle, and a payment table at the bottom. It works like this: the player inserts a nickel coin and pulls the lever on the right to spin the reel. Although the operator’s bell and Liberty Bell have been removed from the casino, the original Liberty Bell can be seen on display in the Liberty Beauty Lounge in Reno, Nevada. One of Lion’s Share’s most famous slot machines, Microgaming’s classic Lion’s Share slot machine, was very successful in 2014 because the news channel discussed how the Lion’s Share jackpot was not hit in 20 years. Thousands of people have tried, but no one is lucky enough to succeed. Although the machine only has 3 reels and 1 payline, Lion’s Share has successfully become one of the most popular products in Las Vegas, so popular that people wait in line. Just put coins in it and try to spin these reels. In the end, a couple from New Hampshire won a $2.4 million jackpot from MGM’s Grand’s Lion’s Share. Soon after, MGM Grand decided to recall the Lion’s Share machine because it required a lot of maintenance. Nevertheless, the game became part of the history of slot machines, and it took 20 years for the jackpot to win. Megabucks was created by IGT and Megabucks has become one of the best progressive slot machines in the world. The game has also led to numerous big wins in the history of jackpots. Megabucks slot machine is also known as the biggest money jackpot ever and is described as a simple game with a large number of jackpots. One of the biggest victories was when an anonymous engineer won a staggering $39.7 million at Excalibur in Las Vegas in 2003. As for other major victories on this machine, there was a cocktail waitress, Cynthia Jay Brennan, who paid a staggering $34.9 million at the Desert Hotel in Las Vegas and a retired flight attendant at the Palace Station in Las Vegas. 27.5 million US dollars. Johanna Huendl made $22.6 million, while a businessman in Illinois made $21.3 million on the first spin. However, after the award, one of the winners’ family members had a tragic accident, which (as some people believe) only supports Megabucks Curse’s theory. Other unfortunate stories are considered urban legends, including anecdotes about underage players and casino employees who are big winners but cannot receive prizes due to specific state laws and regulations. Wheel of Fortune IGT’s Wheel of Fortune has proven to be the second most famous slot machine ever. With bonus features similar to real programs, slot machines are often used by many slot machine fans and can be found in numerous casinos all over the world. Although there are more variants of the game, the most popular may still be its 3-reel version with a colored wheel on top. The multiplayer game Wheel of Fortune has a bunch of machines, and each player has his own screen. What makes the game more exciting is the multiplayer version, where people can play bonus rounds together, which really strengthens the performance aspect of the game. However, in a 5-reel lucky roulette slot machine, the wild symbol will help the player get a winning combination. If you are lucky enough, you can get a super wild, which will increase your winnings by up to 5 times! Last but not least, the triple action reward is triggered by placing at least 3 triple action reward symbols anywhere on the reels. However, due to the large amount of jackpots involved, the new Wheel of Fortune slot machines have not reached the original level. Mega Fortune has 5 reels and 25 paylines. NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot machine is very popular among players because it usually grows to millions of dollars before being hit. The main symbols here include luxury cars, yachts and expensive jewels. Mega Fortune is an online slot game that proves that its theme is the largest online slot jackpot ever. The game provides some different features to make the whole game more fascinating. However, the most interesting are 3 different progressive jackpots: super jackpot, big jackpot and fast jackpot. 3 counters are displayed above the reel. Champagne is scattered, if you hit at least 3 at the same time, you will trigger a free spin bonus round. In addition, the wheel of fortune is a bonus symbol. If you place 3 or more symbols in a row from left to right on a valid payline, you will trigger a bonus game. The interesting thing about this slot machine is that the Finn won a huge jackpot worth 17.8 million euros while spinning the reels of Mega Fortune. The 2013 record has been broken by Mega Moolah, but this game still proves how rich players can become after playing Mega Fortune. Mega Moolah is powered by Microgaming and one of the most popular slot games. Mega Moolah is a progressive slot machine with 25 paylines and was once a big jackpot competitor to Mega Fortune. The แจกเครดิตฟรี100 ไม่ต้องฝาก game is accompanied by African wild animal music, with antelope, elephant, giraffe, lion, monkey, and zebra as the main symbols. If you hit at least 3 Scatters at the same time, 15 free spins will be triggered. In addition, all bonuses earned during the free spins period will be tripled, and the free spins can also be reactivated. Players can win one of 4 jackpots in randomly triggered bonus rounds. The game paid out some of the biggest slot machine jackpots ever. For example, in 2015, when British soldier Jon Heywood won 17,879,645 euros, Mega Moolah gained international recognition.

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